Technology Operational Maturity Level Self-Assessment

Calculating Your Baseline

What has become clear in the three decades Heinan Landa has worked in technology is how a firm looks and feels when it operates at the top levels of maturity.

With that picture in mind, he developed a fourteen-point model to quickly and accurately calculate your firm’s Technology Operational Maturity Level (T-OML), and to identify your top priorities for improvement.

Firms with a higher T-OML for each of the fourteen traits are positioned to shift their focus toward harnessing technology for their competitive advantage, and to ultimately thrive.

Firms that exhibit lower maturity will struggle to remain relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

Technology Operational Maturity Model: Core Traits to Evaluate

how it works

In this self-assessment, you’ll find (non-technical) descriptions of how a highly mature firm handles each of the fourteen traits in the Technology Operational Maturity Model.

Your job is to determine how closely your firm aligns with this picture by working through a series of checklists. It should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Don’t overthink your answers! If you can’t confidently say your firm exhibits one of the characteristics, leave that box unchecked.

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Find your baseline.

Now what?

You have your firm’s current maturity level in-hand. Now what?

Besides measuring how your firm stacks up against leaders in the industry, this assessment acts as a prioritized roadmap for raising your maturity.

Starting at the bottom tier of the pyramid, use the checklists for each trait to identify gaps in your technology and how to address them.

You can manage this process internally, or you can work with an outsourced firm to do it for you. The author’s firm, Optimal Networks, can do this and has been doing this for 30 years. 

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