Who Should Read This Book?

Managing Partners

who want to outpace their competitors in today’s highly saturated, highly digital landscape, and who are open to changing “the way things have always been” to “the way things could be.”

Firm Administrators

who feel the tension between how their firm operates and how employees and clients expect the firm to operate, and who want to effect positive change to the greater benefit of the firm.


who want to attract new clients with their firm’s exceptional reputation, who want their existing clients to become raving fans, and who will embrace a new normal to achieve these results.

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The Modern Law Firm

Over the past three decades, the legal industry has been turned upside down. Increasingly rapid advances in technology have radically changed everything about the way law firms operate—from attracting and retaining clients, to researching relevant case law, collaborating with colleagues, and filing documents.

With competition coming not just from other traditional law firms but also from online legal services, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your firm in a crowded marketplace.

Yet the majority of firms continue down the path of “business as usual” despite the whirlwind of change roaring outside their windows.

Will your firm be blindsided by the threats at hand and pay the price in lost business, lost talent, and lost revenue? Or will you face these threats head-on and learn how to turn them to your advantage so you can not just survive, but thrive?

Featuring the Technology Operational Maturity Level Self-Assessment


Wondering how your firm’s technology strategy stacks up against best practices?

The Modern Law Firm features a fourteen-point Technology Operational Maturity Model that breaks the world of technology into bite-sized chunks.

You can quickly calculate your technology maturity level, and identify exactly how to harness technology for your competitive advantage.

An online version is available for FREE and will give you an accurate measurement in under 30 minutes.

Want to learn more?

Including explainer videos, source studies, and the full Digital Booklet of charts and graphs!

About Heinan Landa

Heinan Landa is the Founder and CEO of Optimal Networks, Inc., a DC-area firm that has helped law firms achieve measurable business results by way of thoughtful technology guidance and management since 1991. With an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, and a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, Heinan combines business acumen and technical precision in a way few IT leaders can.

Heinan Landa